Question: Should I Worry About GBS?

When should I go to the hospital if im GBS positive?

Most providers will recommend if you are GBS positive to come to the hospital immediately after your water breaks, because GBS risk to the baby will go up the longer your water is broken.

They will want to start you on antibiotics right away..

How did I get GBS infection?

Like many bacteria, GBS may be passed from one person to another through skin-to-skin contact, for example, hand contact, kissing, close physical contact, etc. As GBS is often found in the vagina and rectum of colonised women, it can be passed through sexual contact.

Will I always test positive for strep B?

4 Here are a few facts about GBS: The bacteria are not always present and detectable in the body. They may come and go. You may test positive in one pregnancy and negative in another.

What happens if GBS goes untreated?

“If the symptoms of the infection are left untreated, GBS can cause sepsis, meningitis, neurological disability, and possibly even death,” says Potter. In the majority of cases, the infection is categorized as being early onset. Rarely, late-onset disease occurs, with the most common symptom being meningitis.

Is being GBS Positive bad?

GBS in the vagina generally isn’t harmful to you, regardless of whether you’re pregnant. However, it can be very harmful to a newborn baby who is born vaginally and doesn’t yet have a robust immune system. GBS can cause serious infections in babies exposed during birth.

Should I be induced if I have group B strep?

Our medical advisers do not recommend induction for anyone as a way of combating GBS infection in babies. Carrying GBS, or your baby being at raised risk of GBS infection is not a reason to be induced.

Is GBS an STD?

Group B streptococcus (GBS) is one of the many bacteria that live in the body. It usually does not cause serious illness, and it is not a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Can GBS go away?

Most babies who are treated for GBS do fine. But even with treatment, about 1 in 20 babies (5 percent) who have GBS die. Premature babies are more likely to die from GBS than full-term babies (born at 39 to 41 weeks of pregnancy). GBS infection may lead to health problems later in life.

Why did I test positive for GBS during pregnancy?

The group B strep test is done during pregnancy to identify women who carry the bacterium. Rarely, however, group B strep can cause health problems during pregnancy, including: Urinary tract infection. Infection of the placenta and amniotic fluid.